5 Smart Ways to Make Extra Money in the Fall

Welcome to Fall!

The sun is setting earlier and the leaves are showing off their various shades of red, yellow, orange, and brown. It makes you want to walk outside barefoot as the leaves crunch under your feet and you revisit a scene from the movie “James and the Giant Peach”.

Awwwwww….you can just fall in love with it all.

But most importantly, Autumn is known as a time for new beginnings – and more money making opportunities…tons of it!

So I’ve put together a list of five FUN money making opportunities that you can enjoy this season. Cheers to new adventures!

1. Brand Ambassador

Stay woke! You can have fun and make tons of money doing what you love. Don’t believe me? Just ask this sixty-five-year old retired school teacher who made over $40,000 from doing brand ambassador gigs last year. That’s right! The proof is on the tax return.

And when I heard her story, I was speechless. Can we say WOWZERS???

As a brand ambassador, she accepts projects whenever she wants and she only does projects that add to her excitement. Sometimes she works 3 hours a day and other times she may work six hours…max! Her and her husband joined forces and now they are known as the “dynamic demo team!” Well, I guess that explains why she has more energy than the average 30-year-old!

This is how it works: she’ll work for a company that will give her consistent brand ambassador opportunities throughout the month. This allows her to build her resume and credibility. Then she’ll expand her mix of opportunities to do weekend gigs that may pay a higher rate. And when you’ve established yourself, shown profitable sales results, and have a banging resume, who wouldn’t keep you on the list for more paid opportunities.

Brand ambassador work is not limited to doing in-store demonstrations. If you haven’t unlocked your potential yet or just want to test the waters, how about starting with guerilla marketing. You can get paid to pass out flyers to people on the go. If you’re a public speaker, you’ll shine as an emcee or spokesperson. There is also work for models, dancers, and actors who want to work at events. If you have a passion for health or fitness or even beer and wine, there are opportunities for you too!

If you want to learn how you can fill up your pockets with some of these opportunities, join me at the next Profit from Passion webinar!

2. Blogger 

Blogging is big business – as long as you’re willing to put in the work to produce profitable results. Contrary to the “starving artist” rumor that’s been permeating the internet over the decades, blogging can lead to the billion dollar bank account. You position yourself to create endless opportunities when you share your words online for billions of people to see.

So are you finally going to take blogging seriously?

Just don’t expect to build your billion dollar blogging empire overnight. It will take courage. It will take a ton of commitment. It will take a whole lot of consistency.

You need to be real, raw, and candid. You need to offer something of value that your audience can’t get from anywhere else. You need to know your audience inside and out.

If you want to attend the “Billion Dollar Blogger Bootcamp: Blogging Beyond the Basics“, sign up here!

Blogging can lead you to your first published book, free travel opportunities, a new career as a speaker, and a thought leader in your industry! It’s even better to know that you can help another generation of leaders tap into their potential through your words.

And you can lead, inspire, and educate while you’re enjoying the pink sand beaches of Bermuda or on the set of EMPIRE.

3. Career Consultant  

If you’re a career goddess and you have the job thing on lock, why not help someone else create endless opportunities? All it takes is a spanking new resume, clever lingo, and the right amount of competence and confidence to make it happen.

If you haven’t heard, here is what’s going on in the job market: people hate their jobs! I mean they really loathe Mondays, are exhausted by Wednesday, and are begging for a 3-day weekend that will give them a solid break from their boss.

These concerns are REAL. THEY NEED YOU!

So here’s what you can do in the next 24 hours. Think of a name for your firm and identify 3 people who want what you have to offer. If you know 3 people who want a new resume, updated LinkedIn profile, or new job opportunities, you can be the career goddess who saves the day (or their life!) with your unique skills. Save someone from a horrible career and you get a hot testimonial at your doorstep! Based on your interactions, you can find out what the biggest needs of your target audience are. So within the next 72 hours, work with your target audience and start thinking of a good price for your services.

And….you’re in business! Just like that! Start promoting your work. Before you do too much work, make sure you have someone walk you through the business and legal considerations for your brilliant idea that you can perform in the comfort of your own home. How does that sound?

4. Fitness Professional  

Tell me one ambitious, goal-oriented leader who isn’t willing to pay to be healthier and fitter. I’m waiting…

My point exactly. So if you’re a fitness pro (or want to become one today!), you’ve got a willing set of buyers who are ready to fill up your pockets in exchange for a better quality of life.

Fall is a great time to fuel your fitness efforts. For starters, it’s beautiful outdoors. People are inspired to train for a 5K just to have an excuse to be outdoors – and still be productive! So if you’re committing to growing as a fitness professional, you’ll have tons of client running towards you.

If you have no idea where to get started, you should attend the SCW Midwest Mania. It’s a 3-day fitness conference that allows you to get the training, certifications, and connections you need to start your life as a fitness professional.

That’s how it started for me. I left my job as a Certified Public Accountant and stumbled on the fitness scene. Within 60 days, I became a certified personal trainer, WERQ dance fitness instructor, and POUND Pro. I started working at a gym and taught various classes 2-4 days a week. Just. Like. That. I started making money as a fitness professional and then branched out on my own to get my own clients and charge my own rates.

5. Speaking Engagements at College & Universities 

No offense. But not every student wants to listen to their 50-year tenured professor speak every week about things that no one understands.

They want fresh faces. And that fresh face can be you.

So get your speaker bio ready, load up your speaking real, and flood the internet with your knowledge. Colleges & universities are on the lookout for speakers to inspire students at their next event – and they have a lot of events planned throughout the year!

Another bonus: you may get free travel, too! So get connected to colleges and universities and start getting testimonials EVERY time you open your mouth. This will help you to build your speaker portfolio and help you gain unparalleled brand equity in the industry.

And if that’s not enough to keep you on your toes this fall or if you want to make money the lazy way, join the next investing workshop!

Charlene Rhinehart

I’m Charlene - International Speaker, Published Writer, & Career Strategist. I help women skip the most common career mistakes, move from fear to confidence, and enhance their professional profile so that they can create a life that is better than their dreams.

5 thoughts on “5 Smart Ways to Make Extra Money in the Fall

  • September 21, 2017 at 12:23 pm

    Great read! This article makes people realize the potential they already have with a talent they were born with. It’s our natural talents that leads us to success and wealth.

  • September 21, 2017 at 6:59 pm

    Amazing post… I think sometimes we forget to channel our inner gifts!

  • September 22, 2017 at 5:16 pm

    Great read! Idk why I’m moving my feet slow on the blogging, Ima get it together!

    • October 6, 2017 at 1:51 pm

      Thanks so much, Gabriel!! Girl, you can do this!! I started by challenging myself to write 500 words a day. Maybe you can start thinking about topic ideas. Small steps will work in your favor. Keep me posted on your progress!

  • November 13, 2017 at 4:11 pm

    I’m always looking for new ways to make workout fun. I also commenced using a tiny trampoline for my little baby, and this detail has inspired myself a lot. Thanks a lot for sharing.


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