How I Started A Career in Internet Marketing (with less than $100!)

Internet marketing is the new age marketing.

Nowadays, if you want to bring hundreds and thousands of new clients each month, the Internet is the only tool that can help you.

I’m not suggesting that the traditional advertising methods no longer work.

However, what I’m truly suggesting is that today, the Internet gives us unlimited possibilities. You can become knowledgeable about every possible topic and field of activity.

You can win your financial freedom, and you can step up your game once and for all. Oh, and I almost forgot to mention; internet marketing is possible for both individuals who already own a business and for those who don’t.

When you embark on this journey of riches, you should definitely be aware that internet marketing success is a difficult achievement. Many people try once, they encounter challenges, and they eventually understand how much work it takes. Unfortunately, most people quit in a matter of days or weeks.

Let me tell you what it takes to be a great internet marketer.

To begin this journey on the right foot, an individual must strive to develop the following qualities:
• Great mindset: optimistic, risk-taker, fear-free, discipline, balance
• Work ethic: smart and hard work; not just hard!
• The ability to execute (action)
• The drive to get back on your feet after failing; giving up is not an option

Here’s one more thing:
In order to improve your productivity and get more results from your work, be extremely careful with which information you absorb and incorporate in your belief system. Keep improving your filter of information and stop believing every story you see on the web.

Today, there’s a huge trap set for newbie internet marketers. It’s called the “make money online” niche. In fact, it is an entire market that’s extremely profitable. Whenever you see gurus promising you fast money, make yourself a favor and don’t spend money on their products.

I won’t lie…in 2017, finding reliable information concerning what’s actually working in the world of internet marketing is difficult. Still, it is attainable. Be more critical, more careful, and more prudent before believing what you read.

My Internet Marketing Story

I might assume that most of you arrived on this post because you were looking to find a simplified way to start your internet marketing career – a way in which your capital doesn’t affect your progress.

Let me tell you my story:

Back when I was 23 years old (I’m 27 now), I randomly decided to try to make some money online.

Obviously, the first search on Google: “how to make money online”, only that it was written in my native language.

The first things that showed up were survey opportunities, so I signed up. I started answering and completing different surveys for a few months, earning a total of $200-$300 per month tops. I was content, yet the long hours spent on irrelevant activities started to annoy me.

One day, I started to search again. I really don’t remember what the search query was, but somehow, I came across BlackHatWorld forum.

For those of you who don’t know, this is one of the biggest internet marketing forums that is inclined towards black-hat SEO techniques and money making methods. Simply put, some money making methods were not that ethical or sustainable, but they would still earn you good bucks if you’ve done them right.

I tried mass YouTube uploading, backlink spamming, fake key-generators, and several more BH methods. Nothing worked, nothing showed significant results that could satisfy my urge for building a sustainable online business.

I searched again. This time, I came across Warrior Forum and Digital Point Forum. These are white-hat forums full of advice and relevant discussions. These Internet Marketing forums made me understand that great marketers play a different game.

So I learned the basics of selling, I learned how to write content, understand how the marketplace works, and the basics of SEO. I figured that in order to be successful, I had to bring real value to the marketplace.

So I came up with an idea which later turned into a sustainable, profitable, long-term business which I happen to manage even today. I have decided to launch a UK assignment writing service.

How Did I Do It With Less Than $100?!

Well, it’s simpler than you think. The hosting and the domain has cost me around $10 bucks. I took them with discounts; you can find plenty of coupons, as web hosts and web registrars offer them very frequently.

This site was created using Blue Host. Click here to receive your discount code. 

Then, I had to learn how to make a website. This was pretty difficult, as there were no stable website builders which I happened to trust.

Nowadays, if you want to start a website, you can use website builders like Wix or WordPress (open content management system) to develop a great website without HTML or PHP knowledge. By the way, the development of my website has cost me around $30.

Once my website was functional, I understood that I needed to drive targeted traffic to my website.

Therefore, I picked up the white-hat forums and the best blogs which focused on internet marketing techniques at the time (in the present moment, I really recommend DigitalMarketer), and self-educated myself. I understood everything from email marketing, sales funnels, traffic generation, and much, much more.

It took me about 3 months to feel ready. Soon after those months, I was driving around 100 unique website visitors each month through social media channels and organic traffic which came from Google and Yahoo.

It was a matter of time before getting my first client. Because I’ve always been a good writer, I started writing that essay assignment on my own; it earned me the $30. My first thirty bucks off the internet; what a success!

More clients came, and I was gathering some good bucks. Next thing I did: I hired another writer to assist me, so my business can grow. I was giving him commissions in order to motivate him. I’ve started small, but in one year, I had almost 10 employees.

As you may observe, my business hasn’t grown because I’ve invested much money. In fact, I don’t even think that I’ve hit the $100 cap. My business has flourished because of something else.

Looking back, I can see myself totally committed and emotionally involved. I worked long hours, and I never allowed my pessimistic thoughts to stop me from achieving my dreams. In life, we usually pay with either money or time. For me, it was time. Now, I can choose to pay something with money, because I’ve earned it by working so hard during those years.

Key Takeaways

What is there to learn from my story?

Well, for starters, you should stop limiting yourself to the thought of not starting something because of the lack of budget.

Realize that you need to step up your game and create a plan. If you already have one, you should decide whether you’re going to put it in action or not.

My advice for you is to work smart. Hard also, but smartly is key. If you take effective actions that lead to great results, repeat them. If something doesn’t work, change your way of doing it.

Oh, and one more thing: pay a lot of attention to the marketplace. It’s changing so fast. In case you fall behind, you’ll have a lot of struggle climbing back up.

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Hillary Hope balances being a senior careers advisor with freelance writing, sharing her professional experience on topics including career development, career choices, recruitment, and leadership.

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