Geez…Why is Everyone Talking About Bitcoin (and other Cryptocurrencies!) While They Sleep???

Cryptocurrency seems to be the best thing since Tapioca pudding.

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I mean everyone and their grandma is talking about Bitcoin and altcoins (alternative currencies to Bitcoin).

And I’m over here like “wait…I can use bitcoin to buy Victoria Secret lingerie???” Ok, tell me how I can learn more about Bitcoin. It must be something special if more retailers are accepting it as a form of payment.

But is it really as good as Tapioca pudding? Well, it depends on which cryptocurrency you’re referring to.

If you are absolutely clueless about cryptocurrency, you better ask somebody. That’s why we’re here!

Here are the basics of cryptocurrency that you wish your bestie would have told you a few years ago:

What is Cryptocurrency?

It’s a digital asset that is designed to work as a medium of exchange (without government intervention). You know how the Government and Federal Reserve Banks control the money supply, right? Well, cryptocurrency gained it’s fame because it’s decentralized. This means that the Government does not control this (still trying to determine if the government has the ability to mind their own business). It’s a peer to peer exchange….at least for now.

Cryptocurrency uses cryptography (some type of highly complex coding)  to secure the transactions. These digital currencies are powered by blockchain – a growing list of records, called blocks, that are stored on a public ledger.

Are there different types of cryptocurrency?


The most popular and first cryptocurrency to hit the market was Bitcoin (2009). 

Then you have Litecoin (2011). It was created by a Google engineer. Litecoin tried to take bitcoin down by offering a faster transaction confirmation rate.

You also have Ethereum (2015). It is a decentralized platform that was launched in 2015.

I can go on and on and on….

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Why are cryptocurrencies different prices?

Well, that’s just like asking why shoes are sold at a different price. If you see a price in the marketplace, it’s because that is what people are willing to pay.

For example, if you bought a pair of the highly coveted Louboutin shoes, you would expect to pay a lot more than you’d pay for some Skechers. Yes, people are willing to pay over $600 for a pair of shoes with red soles! Now a pair of Sketchers could run you around $65. If you tried to sell a pair of Sketchers online for $300, people would probably look at you like you are CRAZY.

How do I get my hands on cryptocurrency?

Shares of stock are traded on a stock exchange, right? It works the same way for cryptocurrencies. There are different exchanges for the different types of cryptocurrency we discussed.

The most popular exchange for cryptocurrency is Coinbase. If you want to start trading now and want to earn extra money immediately, use my discount code!

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So why the heck is everyone talking about cryptocurrency?

Word around town is that cryptocurrencies are giving more people access to financial services and a sense of financial freedom that has never been seen in our lifetime.

But the word is still out on this thought.

Everyone is checking their accounts trying to see “will the crypto-economy crash or will it really be the best thing since Tapioca pudding?”

Stay tuned for more cryptocurrency updates…

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  • November 7, 2017 at 10:33 pm

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