Beyond the Cubicle: Explore the Best of Memphis By Visiting These Two Hotels

Have you played by all the rules to the success game but still feel like something is missing?

Well, of course, you do – especially if you’ve kept yourself confined to a cubicle and haven’t experienced a change in scenery in months!

Do yourself a favor: pack your bags and get ready for a spontaneous getaway in Memphis.

Ok, I know this may sound absurd if you have responsibilities. But if you ask me, the most insane thing you can do is limit yourself, stay within your comfort zone, and settle for what’s in front of you. There is so much more to see. But you have to be willing to take action now.

If you escape to Memphis, there are certain things you have to do. Grabbing a bite of barbecue, attending one of the many festivals, or getting a tour of the monumental museums are usually at the top of the list.

But here’ s something else you have to do: stay at two of the most iconic hotels in the world –  The Peabody Memphis and Big Cypress Lodge

You’ll get comfort, convenience, quality, and a chance to explore what’s beyond the four walls you occupy every day.

The Peabody Memphis

As soon as you step onto the Peabody soil, you’ll feel the royal appeal of the golden décor and immediately be transported to a mental space reserved for kings and queens — making all of your childhood fantasies of royalty come true.

Photo Credit: The Peabody Memphis

Walk into the center of the lobby, and you’ll find a lavish fountain occupied by the world’s most famous mallard ducks that make their daily appearance for the Peabody Duck March (I felt like an instant celebrity when I was asked to serve as the honorary Duckmaster as hundreds of people from around the world watched from the loft). It’s a really big deal in Memphis. People from all over the world go to The Peabody Memphis to watch the duck march. It’s something that’s been making people quack for years.

Photo Credit:

Stroll past the hotel’s gift shop filled with themed Memphis treats and adorned with pictures of iconic musicians before you go up the elevator to relax in one of the 464 highly esteemed rooms.

When beauty and comfort come together, you have entered a Peabody Hotel room. The rooms are spacious, cozy, and, of course, royal in their own rights. The bed has the perfect balance of softness with a firm base (you might be tempted to exercise your freedom by jumping on the Egyptian covered sheets.).

Photo Credit:

The Peabody pays attention to every detail, even offering a wooden desk to make sure you’re comfortable while you briefly check your emails on your laptop (the keyword is “briefly,” since this is a cubicle getaway — don’t forget).

If you are at the hotel on a Thursday night, you’ll be able to elevate your excitement on the top of the Peabody Rooftop. This rooftop tradition has been a fan of many esteemed presidential and executive guests, so have your business cards ready, because you never know who you’ll meet.

Photo Credit:

After the festivities are over, you might be interested in taking a dip in their luxurious, heated indoor pool.

Photo Credit: The Peabody Memphis

Big Cypress Lodge

Words are not enough to describe the visual wonders of the Big Cypress hotel Lodge. Standing tall as one of the newest treasures of Memphis, you won’t be able to unwrap a hotel experience like this anywhere in the world (you might have to see it in order to fully believe it!).

Photo Credit: Big Cypress Lodge

Residing on space that was once a concert venue, this property has evolved into a worldwide sensation and has become the pyramid-shaped dwelling that every couple that is seeking a mixture of adventure and relaxation want to experience.

You have been warned: as soon as you walk in the door, your smile will shine so bright that you’ll have to immediately photograph the moment — don’t be surprised if your social media followers ask if you’ve won the jackpot!

The hotel lodge is home to a town-sized Bass Pro Shop that is bordered by indoor cabin suites, scattered fish-filled rivers, and gigantic water tanks. There is a cypress swamp in the middle, sprinkled with retail shops in every direction. What’s so captivating about this place is that you feel like you’re outdoors, but you’re actually inside.

Photo Credit: Big Cypress Lodge

The word “bored” will never come near your mouth when you’re surrounded by an aquatic-themed bowling alley, archery range, and fishing activities. Take the elevator to your room and stand in awe as you pass the nature-themed residence floor. Fully furnished with a fireplace, seating area, and wood-carved fixtures, you’ll have to constantly remind yourself where you are (or just embrace the moment). It’s amazing how different places in the lodge cater to the different energy needs of people. You can enjoy the liveliness of the people when you go down to the hotel lodge or tap into the tranquility of your room if you’re looking for the ultimate relaxation experience.

Photo Credit:

The basic rooms are so well-crafted that you will feel like you are inside a suite! From the private treehouse balcony attached to the fabulous room to the mountain deer head giving you a piece of nature above your bed, you can’t help but admire the design of the entire layout.

Photo Credit: Big Cypress Lodge

This is only a bit of what you can experience when you travel to Memphis.

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