Beyond the Cubicle: Escape to the Cape’s Coast

Need a break from your cubicle? I’m talking about a break that’s so refreshing that you forget all of your weird work passwords when you return.
I unplugged from society’s expectations and tapped into the creative talents that existed within me when I got off the ferry and arrived in Provincetown, a seaside town located at the northern tip of Cape Cod.
It was time for a millennial getaway with my significant other, and Cape Cod was the perfect place to explore parts of me that had been hidden behind my never-ending “to-do” list.

Day One

Brass Key Guesthouse

Lugging suitcases on the pavement and carrying backpacks filled with beach attire on our backs, our smiles widened as we previewed our surroundings and gently walked up the steps to check-in.
On the historic shores of where the pilgrims first landed is a destination like no other: the Brass Key Guesthouse.
This property is more than a hotel; it’s a luxurious, private backyard party reserved for adventurous couples seeking an escape from the hustle and bustle of a big city. With a private guesthouse, you feel a sense of privacy, but you aren’t too isolated.
The Brass Key is a cozy dwelling with just enough room to let you soar in your newfound freedom. As you walk in, you’ll notice the light peering in through the windows, reflecting off caramel-colored cabinets, highlighting a spacious sleeping area and a deluxe-sized balcony that overlooks a panoramic view of the infinity pool and hot tub.

 The Pointe Restaurant

We went to the Crowne Pointe Historic Inn and Spa to have dinner at The Pointe Restaurant, and my love immediately ordered the Old Fashioned Drink, in his traditional way of testing a bar’s quality. Without hesitation, he exclaimed that The Pointe did not disappoint.
This drink integrated the right amount of bitters to complement his swordfish entrée, but not before adding flavor to the tasty cod fritter appetizer.
But I couldn’t resist the crème brûlée, my personal favorite of the evening. This beautiful dessert stole the show with its rich sweetness.

 Day Two

Breakfast at Brass Key

We woke up early to fill our stomach with a complimentary breakfast in the Brass Key kitchen. We had two hours to enjoy your choice of tea or coffee, freshly squeezed orange juice, and ice-cold water.
Our stomachs were very satisfied as we had our choice of omega-three-enriched oatmeal, chocolate croissants, gluten-free bread, French vanilla muffins, fruit, or a scrumptious breakfast sandwich. The menu might not be the same when you arrive, but rest assured knowing that you’ll have an array of options for your food desires.

 Art’s Dunes Tour

We experienced the natural beauty of the Cape’s coast when we went on a tour of the dunes. The Cape Cod sand dunes are over 4,000 acres of historic land that boast traditional cottages for an artist to enjoy the beautiful Cape Cod National Seashore, which is protected by the Atlantic Ocean.
Riding through the Cape Cod dunes makes you feel like you’re on a coastal safari. Driving up a sand trail, rolling through subtle bodies of water, while enjoying the vast terrain is all part of the Art’s Dunes Tour given by Rob Costa, descendant of Art Costa — the undisputed King of the Dunes!
When we hit the Cape Cod National Seashore, a national preserved land, we were greeted by a shore of seals. The curious creatures entertained us while we enjoyed the view of the waves landing on the beach sand.

 Day 3

Crowne Pointe Historic Inn and Spa

We walked 300 feet across the street from Brass Key Guesthouse and checked in the Crowne Pointe Historic Inn and Spa for two nights.
As you walk around the garden, we noticed the fully bloomed flowers that boast the brightest colors, a waterfall that seems to have no end, and trees that stand protecting all of the beautiful elements of nature that make the Crowne Pointe so captivating.
We heard the sweetest sounds of classical music as we opened the door to our room. It was easy to relax in our spacious room, complete with a mini-patio that we used to hold our most endearing conversations.

 We walked down to the Patio bar from 5–6 PM for complimentary wine and delicacies that you can enjoy while you enjoy the beautiful scenery.


 Provincetown Art Association and Museum

We passed by all the locally-owned shops and attractions as we walked to the Provincetown Art Association and Museum. The PAAM Museum represents the legacy of one of the oldest continuing art colonies in America, and we were honored to receive a tour from the Executive Director of the PAAM Museum, Christine McCarthy, who describes Cape Cod as an “eclectic place full of creativity.”
With over 3,750 pieces of artwork packed into 20,000 square feet of space, each room in the PAAM Museum opens the doors to Cape Cod’s past, present, or future artistry, casting a net that draws you ashore mentally and emotionally. It’s a safe haven for artists and writers who want to leave a piece of them behind so the world can know what and who existed, exploring the individual pieces of expression that created the fabric of Cape Cod.

Shui Spa

Spa time! We said goodbye to stress and welcomed the aroma of relaxation when we signed up for a 55-minute Swedish restorative couple’s massage at Shui Spa.
The calming power of the lavender aromatherapy put me into a state of serenity that I didn’t want to leave as I laid next to my significant other, who was completely relaxed as his pressure points received the attention they deserved.

 Shui Spa Mineral Soaking Tub

After the massage, we couldn’t resist stepping into the Shui Spa mineral-soaking tub.
As we sank into the tub, the warm temperature of the water combined with the candle-lit sparks around us that melted away our anxieties, causing us to completely surrender to the soothing moment of uninterrupted bliss.

 Day Four

Breakfast at Crowne Pointe

Warm breakfast was a great incentive for us to wake up before our alarm clock. Breakfast at The Pointe Restaurant is served from 8 AM – 10 AM.
We ordered a Mexican wrap with peppers, onions, sausage, and cheddar cheese in a tortilla wrap, with a side of salsa. The bacon and savory potato bites sides made this breakfast option very appetizing as we sat on the comfortable deck discussing the beautiful moments we experienced together in Cape Cod.
Mayflower Trolley Tour
A 45- minute narrated Mayflower Trolley Tour gave us a full view of the city, allowing us to see the beautiful beaches of the cape, peak at the cranberries snuggling into shrubs, and learn more about the must-have foods that we couldn’t leave the Cape without tasting.
And as I gazed out the window, I watched the water flowing, admiring how the water keeps moving, no matter what happens in the world around it.


The Pilgrim Monument

Staring at the Pilgrim Monument from a distance, we didn’t know if we could make the steep climb to the top. But we were ready for the challenge. After all, life is about creating new possibilities in your life by overcoming your mind’s limiting beliefs.
Standing strong as the tallest all-granite structure in the United States, the Pilgrim Monument honors the first landing of the Pilgrims in 1620. As we marveled at the history engraved on the walls, we looked up and realized that we had made it to the top — 252 feet above the ground!
The wind fiercely blew as we reflected on our victory as a couple — and we made a vow that we would always keep climbing higher, no matter how strong the wind blows.
For me, escaping to Cape Cod was not just about the solitude you create when you leave behind everything you’ve ever known and explore the deepest waters of the unknown.
Travel is about connection — a bond with the elements of nature and intimate moments of cultural exploration. It’s about feeling intertwined in an experience we all crave.
Understanding who we are on this journey called life is more than a pastime; it’s a requirement to get to the next level of embracing who you were created to be in this grandiose world that you had a chance to touch, like a newborn coming out into the world, ready for its next adventure.

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