What Every Career Goddess Should Know About the NASDAQ

Some of you are working for companies that are listed on the NASDAQ (National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations) and have no idea. You probably don’t even know the market value of the publicly traded company you are working for.

Time to wake up and smell the market.

Here are some interesting bits of information about the NASDAQ that you probably didn’t know and didn’t ask:

President and CEO is a Woman

That’s right. Adena Friedman was crowned President and Chief Executive Office of NASDAQ in January 2017.

Women are moving up in the markets. Woohoo!

NASDAQ is a Stock Exchange

It’s the second largest stock exchange in the world based on market capitalization (total market value of a company’s outstanding shares of stock).

So what the heck is a stock exchange?

Well, it’s just like going to the mall or grocery store. You might go to Whole Foods Market to buy organic Hass avocados or to sell your organic plant-based food bars as a vendor. When you go the market, you are placing yourself in an environment where you can buy and sell your products.

That’s how the NASDAQ works. You can buy and sell stock on the NASDAQ stock exchange. What’s even better is that you can do it from anywhere in the world by using the super smart functionality of your smartphone. How cool is that? It’s like you’re investing and transacting on the go!

First Electronic Stock Exchange

Say bye to the paper, pens, and half-eaten erasers. NASDAQ abolished trading floors and introduced lightning speed computer trades.

It’s An Interesting Index

An index is a measurement. The NASDAQ is an index that measures the performance of a portion of the market. When people say the NASDAQ is up or down, they are referring to the Nasdaq Composite Index. The NASDAQ Composite tracks the value of approximately 4000 high-tech stocks that are traded on the NASDAQ exchange.

Top NASDAQ Stocks





Well, we won’t bore you with a long list of NASDAQ facts. You may not be ready for all of that just yet so we are going to take it nice and slow. Soak it in and then answer these three questions to determine if you are ready for more investing insights.

1. What is the NASDAQ?
2. Approximately, how many companies are included in the NASDAQ?
3. Name 3 companies that are currently a part of the NASDAQ?

Questions? Send me an email at charlene@charlenerhinehart.com.

Talk soon!


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