Stuck In Your Career? Learn How to Invest While You Figure It Out

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Time is money.

And you don’t have time to waste being stuck in LALA land.

There are thousands of people who have no idea what they want to do in life and they’ve invested their family savings (and borrowed money!) trying to figure it out.

It’s not attractive. It’s not profitable. And it won’t lead you to a promotion.

Don’t get me wrong; education is great. I’m a huge fan of education and lifelong learning. I also think it’s great to take jobs that give you an opportunity to learn something new.

But most people miss the ball because they don’t apply what they learn to their own personal and professional success. The information they receive at school or work goes in one ear and out the other.

And for some graduates, the only concern is getting a pretty piece of paper that says you completed the coursework in a specific area.

And if you’re a working professional, you may be wondering if you made enough money to pay your bills and take care of your luxury expenses.

But you need to ask yourself, “what did I learn?”

Then you need to ask yourself, “did I maximize my time?”

After taking a deep look in the mirror you should ask yourself, “how can I multiply the impact of what I’ve learned and create endless opportunities?”

Here’s the truth: if you went to school to get an education and followed all the rules to the career game, there is no way you should be living paycheck to paycheck wondering how you are going to make ends meet.

You’re smarter than that. 

And even if you didn’t pursue traditional education, you have access to the internet and people who can give you the information you need to get where you want to go.

But it all starts with KNOWING the good stuff and not always doing what “looks good”.

No matter what your background is and how stuck you may feel at this moment, there’s something you can do that will change the game for you and your family.


And the sooner you start, the better. You’ll have the power of compound interest and growth on your side the earlier you start.

Do you know how to invest in the markets? Did you learn how to invest in school? I teach people how to:

It’s never too late to get started but if you keep waiting you will always be left behind.

In a conference held in February 2017, PwC FinTech Director Subhankar Sinha advised students to buy and hold bitcoin and ethereum in order to immerse yourself in the changes that are taking place in the finance world.

If you want to test the waters and invest $100 (around $105 including fees), you will get $10 free bitcoin when you use this referral link!

When you dive into the world of investing, here’s what you can learn: 

  • how to make money while you do what you love
  • safest way to invest in real estate
  • decrease your taxable income by working less and receiving more money
  • ways to use dividend growth investing to pay your bills

If you have no idea where to start, you should join us on a year long journey to investing, accumulating assets, and building generational wealth. It’s called the 2018 Great Wealth Transfer and you’ll have the accountability you need to get your financial life together and live the life of your dreams.

During the 2018 Great Wealth Transfer, you’ll learn:

  • How to Start Investing with $100
  • What it means to invest in the stock market
  • Learn more about investing in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies
  • Understand the benefits of being a business owner
  • The basics of starting a business
  • Tips to develop your personal balance sheet and income statement
  • Tax lingo that will help you keep more of your hard earned money

Are you ready to add one more income stream to your income statement in 2018? How about adding more assets to your balance sheet?

Join The Great Wealth Transfer and we’ll show you how to do it! You’ll also get a complimentary strategy session when you sign up. 

“Don’t invest what you can’t afford to lose. Don’t be so afraid of losing that you never invest.” – Charlene Rhinehart


After becoming the first Certified Public Accountant to win the title of Ms. Corporate America 2015 in a pageant held in Orlando, Fl, Charlene created the Career Goddess Academy. She shares her money, health, travel, and career advice all over the web as a contributor for the Huffington Post, Black Enterprise, The Path Mag, Women on Business, Ms. Career Girl, and other sites. In 2015, she was recognized as the Illinois CPA Young Professional Leader of the Year. 

Charlene now works on the set of the most popular TV shows, including EMPIRE, Chicago PD, Chicago Med and Chicago Fire.

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