Is Cloudera Hadoop Certification Course Worth the Investment?

Do you want to jumpstart your career in big data or Hadoop?

Study for your Hadoop Certification. Cloudera is an authorized vendor that can supply you with the tools you need to succeed on this journey.

Recruiters may not mention it often, but having a Hadoop Certification from Cloudera proves your professional Hadoop developer skills. This certification is a great way to boost your resume.

If you are interested in big data and related fields, then, Hadoop can improve your skills. This reliable certification simplifies the process and makes it easy for you to get entry level big data-related jobs which will help you to attain expertise by constant link and knowledge of the field.

But hold on here! Do not forget that getting it from an authorized center is also important.

Get to know how Hadoop/ Big Data credentials is valuable and how it improves your career prospects by reading the rest of this article. So grab a chai tea latte and let the information flow into your brain.

Hadoop Certified: A must-have phrase on your resume

It is undoubtedly one of the most sought-after certifications among IT professionals looking for success in the field. There are various Hadoop courses that one can pursue for their big data career.

As with other fields, some of the courses are expensive, but each course has their own objective, course material and parameters for choosing candidates.

A certification points towards skills which will help with successful completion of projects and processes. For colleagues and prospective employers, it points to possessing skill sets to meet industry demands.

Types of Cloudera Certifications related to Hadoop

Cloudera has two certifications associated with Big Data market. The two test a candidates’s ability to make sound decisions for complex issues related to Hadoop and usability of big data tools:

1. Cloudera Certified Associate (CCA)

It is a foundation certification to check Big Data and Hadoop skills and knowledge through valuable certification exams like:

  • CCAH (Cloudera Certified Administrator for Apache Hadoop).
  • CCAHD (Cloudera Certified Administrator Hadoop and Spark Developer)

2. Cloudera Certified Professional (CCP)

It is a performance-based certification which evaluates analytical skills of a candidate through two different certification exams:

  • CCP Data Engineer
  • CCP Data Scientist

More about Hadoop Certification from Cloudera

Cloudera’s Hadoop Certification imparts knowledge to code, sustain and boost programs related to Hadoop projects. This certification offers 10 questions which have to be completed within 2 hrs. There is no pre-requisite but it requires a basic knowledge of coding languages like Scala and Python, which can be used for data transfer. Knowledge of DDL and conversion of data values are also required.

Should you invest the time and money to get Hadoop Certifed from Cloudera?

Is it worth the money to invest $295 in Cloudera Hadoop Certification? The answer would be a“Yes”. If you are working in a firm where the employers are asking for Hadoop skills, you need to update your skills with CCAHD exam. Getting a certification from Cloudera Hadoop will allow you to enter organizations that have influence with Hadoop/Big Data functioning.

Benefits of Hadoop Certification

  • It focuses on basic mechanisms related to Hadoop and sparks ecosystem. It’s worthy as it validates your Big Data/ Hadoop skills.
  • Having Hadoop certification in hand and scribbled on your CV proves your expertise as well as improves your chances of getting the job. You’ll be preferred over an uncertified job candidate. It will also help you to organize your skills.
  • Increase your job chances in highly paid companies and annual promotions.
  • It adds credibility to your name and provided you chances to meet the competitive edge of the technology.

Hadoop certification is a based on challenging data base technology. So, before going for the certification exam, prepare yourself by getting into Hadoop training from a reliable institute to launch your career as a Hadoop professional.

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