How to Get the Attention of a Super-Focused Career Woman

The purpose of dating is to find someone who will help you to navigate pieces of yourself that you’ve never met before — or for all of you planners, help you explore the other parts of you that you’ve kept hidden behind your schedule.

The other person’s presence helps to unlock potential in you that allows you to discover the core of who you are and, even better, be totally comfortable with who you see in the mirror every day. You want to travel the road to success with a partner who wants the best things in life just as much as you do. Who better to do it with than a super-focused woman?

You might be thinking “easier said than done,” right? We know these women aren’t waiting to be scooped up by the most attractive suitor with the greatest amount of swag. Nope! It takes more than a captivating sense of charm to get this type of women to even look up from her keyboard and notice you.

What if we could give you a cheat sheet for how to attract a super-focused woman who is ready and willing to give you a piece of her heart? This article outlines some quick tips that will help you on your quest to gain the attention AND heart of a successful woman.

1. Show Her Your Intentions.

If you’re not clear about where you stand in your desires with her, you’ll quickly fade away into her mental catalogue of optional relationships — romantic and otherwise. You’ll know that you’ve won this status if she doesn’t text you back until 5 hours later or only texts you when she needs your advice.

Screw that. If she sees herself fitting in to your life, she’ll be staring at her phone waiting for you to call. She’ll even text you on her breaks to see how you’re doing.

2. Don’t Paint the Typical Image of Success.

Been there, done that. She’s heard it all before. Sweep her off her feet with a meaningful life vision that goes beyond the script that everyone else has promised her. Ordinary thoughts won’t get you in the arms of an extraordinary woman.

She’s searching for something much deeper, something that moves the collective souls of humanity to a higher level. Otherwise, she won’t listen for more than 5 minutes without retreating to social media for more interesting updates.

Give her a compelling mission that goes beyond who you are — tell her how you want to use your gifts to achieve a level of success that will make the world a better place. Offer her an idea of success that can’t be bought in stores; it can only be harnessed through relentless drive and passion. Now you’re speaking her language.

3. Show Her Your Strength.

This doesn’t require you to do 100 bicep curls in your slim-fit muscle shirt. Although your sexy, sculpted arms may take her breath away, it won’t make her drop everything to be with you (and let’s be real, if your body is the one thing that captivates her, you better watch out when she sees Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson).

Show her your strength by sharing stories about how you have overcome adversity and have kept going towards your goals when others have quit. Show her you can lead (that’s a huge turn-on for a super-focused woman who always has to lead in the boardroom). This way, she’ll know that she can trust you to give life your all instead of giving up at the first sign of disappointment.

4. Frequently Stimulate Her Mind.

Add to her intellect. Yes — she may be focused and smart but there is always something new to learn. Introduce her to your perspective while showing her that you’re open and respectful to other ones. Share fun facts that will make her laugh (laughter always breaks the ice!). Talk about the best stocks in the market and give her insights on how she can spruce up her investment skills (there’s no romance without finance!).

Additional bonus: talk to her about the subconscious mind (just don’t call her at 5 AM to discuss metaphysics, unless you want the evil eye next time she sees you). When you capture a woman’s intellectual attention, you’ll become the first person she calls when she desires some mid-day stimulation.

5. Show Her That You Are Focused Too.

Being focused in a world that thrives off distractions is tough. Think about the people who will probably suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome later because of the messages they respond to every 5 minutes.

Let’s not talk about what happens when you start scrolling down your social media timeline and look up and realize you’ve been spying on everyone’s morning dilemmas for the last 2 hours. So if you can show her that you are focused on what you want and are not easily led astray, you’ll pique her curiosity.

Show her that you mean business: you set goals, go after what want, and get what you seek. Your fierce focus will instantly distinguish yourself from all the other guys who have tried to capture her heart.

6. Help Her Achieve a Stretch Goal.

Super-focused women have goals that are taller than the 2,717-ft. tall Burj Khalifa building in Dubai. So she’ll probably need an army to help her tackle her to-do list (and that’s probably why she doesn’t have time to entertain you on a date).

Here’s what you should do: help her achieve an important milestone toward her stretch goals. Trust me: you’ll thank me later when you two are enjoying a sunrise fruit drink on the pink, sandy beaches of Bermuda.

Start by asking her what her goals are. Then, help her think of multiple ways she can achieve her goal. If your insights can help her achieve her goal faster, she’ll be a happier woman. When she starts giving you credit for the newly found feelings within her, you’ll know that you’re moving in the right direction.

Warning: Don’t help her achieve a goal just because it seems like the right thing to do. Do it because you genuinely care; you see so much potential and possibilities within her that you want to help her achieve her goal, even if you don’t win a space in her heart as her boyfriend.

7. Become What You Seek.

No matter how many times you call her, give her roses, or tell her how beautiful she is, none of these actions will matter unless you are prepared to receive what you seek.

Getting the attention of a super-focused woman starts with you. Who you attract is a reflection of the type of energy that you are giving off at that moment. You probably don’t want to believe this, but you really are responsible for the gold-diggers, unfaithful women, or self-esteem depressed women you have attracted in your past. But today is a new day, and you have the ability to attract whomever you want if you are willing to work on yourself first.

If you want a focused woman, you have to be focused too, or the relationship won’t work. As appealing as mainstream society has made it sound, opposites do not attract and live happily ever after. You want someone who aligns with your vision. It is your job to become a match to what you desire or become a prisoner to ideas that you thought you wanted.

As soon as you show the world your confidence, sincerity, intellect, and love, she’ll notice it right away. She’ll smile at you with a mystical twinkle in her eye and say, “I’m glad you finally arrived.”

Charlene Rhinehart

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