How To Find The Career of Your Dreams

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Do you know how many people say that they hate getting up on Monday Mornings?

I don’t have enough fingers and toes to count how many social media posts I see about the vengeful relationships people have with Mondays. Why? Because people are going to jobs that they absolutely hate in order to live lives that they desperately want to escape. It’s even worse when people keep complaining but stay at that same job like they are victims of an abusive relationship. Is this what they signed up for? I sure didn’t. Life is too short not to value every moment that is given to you; especially moments and memories made at your job.

You need to find a career that sets your soul on fire. You need the career that puts a twinkle in your eye every time you talk about it. You need a career that you are proud to call yours. You deserve it, and your heart won’t be satisfied with anything less. 

The energy that we put into finding the mate of our dreams is the same standard of care that should be taken to obtain career fulfillment. Would you want to wake up every morning to a spouse that you despised? Well, there are some people who settle for this lifestyle and are comfortable in their misery. I’m, on the other hand, looking for a relationship that fills me up with excitement and empowers me to be my best. Contrary to popular belief, a company should make you feel the same way. Gone are the days in which you have to work any job just to pay the bills. Advances in technology have given us a tremendous freedom of choice that anyone can leverage.

Have you been looking for love in all the wrong places? Here are 5 ways to find the career of your dreams. And get you closer to everything you seek!

1. Get To Know You.

If we remove the job titles and every label that society has placed on you, what are you left with? Most people are aimlessly walking around without any knowledge of who they are. They think that a certain job or relationship will complete them. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but if you have no clue who you are, you will never be happy and will always look for other things to complete you. Who you are shouldn’t be tied to a position but to the value you can add. Start a different conversation with yourself and ask, “What impact do I want to have on the world?” This opens an endless path of possibilities and allows you to get to the core of who you really are and how you can add value.

2. Define What you Really Want. 

People usually do what they think they can do or have to do instead of what they really want to do. That creates such a depressing relationship. No wonder you are walking around like a Bitter Betty. Let’s focus on you. Write down what your dream career looks like. Start with the feeling. What makes you feel good? What type of activities stimulate you? Excite you? Inspire you? Also, think about what causes and problems get you fired up the most? These feelings will form the foundation for what you want in your career. Start with what you want. You can’t create success and happiness if you haven’t defined what it looks and feels like for you.

3. Get Some Experience.

Prove to the universe that you really want what you are asking for. You have to become an irresistible magnet for the career path you seek. How do you raise your attractiveness in the marketplace? Find ways to gain experience doing what you want to do in the future and use this to differentiate yourself from the rest. Don’t think that you have to obtain the same type of work experience as everyone else. It is those non-traditional roles that allow us to add unique perspectives in the room. And that is why someone would hire you. They are looking for the diversity of thoughts and experiences that you bring to the table.

4. Develop an Insatiable Desire for Growing and Learning.

Never stop learning, growing, and finding new ways to discover who you REALLY are. Here is the mistake that some people make. Once they start career dating and think they have found the one, they stop investing in themselves. This is the biggest mistake that you can make. Life is changing and you have to constantly find new ways to evolve in order to not be left behind.

5. Put Yourself On the Market. 

No matter how much work you have done, it won’t do you any good if the career that you want doesn’t even know that you exist. You should seek to be irresistible if you want to gain exposure to unlimited career possibilities. In today’s digital world, putting yourself on the market goes beyond face to face networking. What you do online matters and can be the difference between a mediocre career and a rewarding career.

If anyone tells you that you can’t have everything you want in your career, get away from them quickly. Those naysayers will try to diminish the possibilities that you can attract in your career. True love does exist; you can do what you love and love what you do. You just have to be willing to put in the work to create the magic in your career. Those who marry the career of their dreams did not walk timidly hoping things would come to them. They put themselves out there every single day, played the game (even when they were scared stiff), and kept going when no was the most common word they heard.

Cheers to finding the career of your dreams!

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