Beyond the Cubicle: From CPA to Nurse on Chicago Med (You Can Do It, Too!)


This has to be one of the most electrifying emails to hit my inbox.

It’s the one email that I am always more than happy to respond in 0.2 seconds.

To everyone else, please pardon my 20-hour delay. I’m either trying to determine if I should respond or what the heck I should say if I do respond (just kidding!).

Don’t judge me. 

When I received the call informing me that I was booked to be a Nurse on Chicago Med, I was really excited. It wasn’t a one-day booking either; it was 4 days in a row!

And this is what happens when you get a recurring booking.

So as I was on set taking care of my patients (it was so cool!), I couldn’t help but think about how my life had evolved within the last 3 years.

Three years ago, I was sitting at my desk crunching numbers and validating the accuracy of financial statements. Yeah, I was a Certified Public Accountant in the financial services industry – and I was representing for 7 years (yes, this girl is loyal)!

There is absolutely nothing wrong with sitting at a desk crunching numbers. Do what makes you happy. I am still doing things at my desk as an entrepreneur. And I didn’t neglect my accounting skillset because I went solo! Nope, I’m a certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor and am building my consulting practice. I currently leverage my QuickBooks experience at a talent agency.

Ok, back to the story.

I was thinking back on my life and how I landed on set as a Nurse on Chicago PD.

One sentence: I positioned myself to create endless opportunities.

Another sentence: I was bold enough to say yes to my dreams.

Last sentence: I never let the world no stop my flow.

Just in case you were wondering, this is how you land a coveted spot on one of the most talked about TV shows:  

  1. Always be positive, professional, and punctual. This helps you to create endless opportunities.
  2. Respond fast to castings. If you fit the description, apply ASAP! 
  3. Be available. Have some time on your schedule for you to take advantage of fun set opportunities during the week. 
  4. Associate with people who are doing what you want to do. They’ll give you the inside scoop! Just don’t be a leech or text them every 5 minutes asking for opportunities.  That can be pretty annoying. Offer value first when dealing with other people. 
  5. Be prepared for what you seek. Get your headshot and have all of your stats already in an email so that you can just hit the send button when an opportunity arrives.  
  6. Understand that you might get what you want or something better. You might not get the role you want. It’s okay. That’s exactly what happened to me. I applied to be a patient but instead was offered a role as a Nurse on Chicago Med. 
  7. Take every opportunity to learn. Be open to learning. Sign up for webinars. Go to special events. Do what it takes to learn about the things you want to do. If you’re looking for a webinar about how to profit from your passion, we have you covered! 
    • Profit from Passion:
    • Billion Dollar Blogger Bootcamp:
    • Wealth Webinars:

Here is the unfortunate truth: everyone does not get BOOKED the first time they apply. And the reality of the business is, you might not get BOOKED the second, third, or fourth time you apply either.

You just have to keep putting yourself out there. 

News Flash: This post is not about me being on tv or getting to meet big name celebrities.

It’s about me making a conscious decision every day to get up and go for what you want.

And that can change frequently.

One week I may want to use my skills as a certified public accountant to help small businesses manage their financial flow. 

The next day I may want to go to California for a speaking engagement or blog on the pink sand beaches of Bermuda.

Or I might just want to stay in Chicago and wait to receive a booking email for one of my tv shows.

And it’s perfectly fine to want different things.

You can do ANYTHING you want in life. All it takes is your willingness to take action and just do it!

Stop putting yourself in a box and allowing others to do the same.

Yes, you can be a rockstar CPA in the financial services industry and an actor! Be so bold in your career pursuits that you inspire others to break out of their shell.

People are always talking about finding their purpose and finding their career potential.

Well, that’s kind of hard to do when you’re watching tv on the couch just stuffing your face with ding dongs every day. 

No, you have to go beyond the boundaries of the 4 walls you occupy every day if you want to explore more of what life has to offer.

Life is a journey and each experience provides you with another gift that you can share with the world. 

When you are happy and fulfilled, you have a chance to give the best of you to the world.

And that’s what this beautiful gift we call life is all about.

So tell me, how are you going to live each day of your life?

Are you going to sit on the sidelines and let life pass you by or are you going to do all the things in your heart that make every moment worth it?

You only have one life. You have to make it your best life.

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