5 Things Your Besties Should Have Told You About Bitcoin

This picture was taken in 2013.

My besties and I were celebrating success together. We were sipping the finest wines, enjoying the view from the Willis (Ooops Sears) Tower, and reflecting on how far we had come since our college days.

This was definitely a momentous occasion; we were about to embark on a new journey in our personal and professional lives.

But here’s one thing we forgot to talk about – Bitcoin!

You might be thinking, “why the heck would you be talking about Bitcoin at a social outing?”

Because that one word could have led to us exploring the world together (with our lovely mates) without any financial worries.

Here’s how:

In December 2013, the price of Bitcoin was going anywhere from $600 – $1000. Little did I know back then, you could buy a fraction of Bitcoin. That means I could have bought $100 worth of bitcoin and multiplied my money.

If you look at the price of bitcoin today, your eyes might pop out of your head. As of December 7, 2017, the price of bitcoin is over $14K.

So if we would have invested in Bitcoin during our bestie meet up in 2013, we would have had enough money to travel around the world for an entire year without working! WOW!!

Lesson learned. Do your research, take action, invest, and diversify – even if it’s only $100. Noted!

If you haven’t started doing your research and engaging in financially stimulating conversations with your besties, here’ s what you should know:

1. Bitcoin is Booming

Well, if you’ve been reading the latest news you probably already know this. Bitcoin is the first decentralized currency to go mainstream. Now there are over one thousands coins on the market (Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Ripple, etc.) but Bitcoin is the trailblazer. You can’t touch it or see it. It’s digital money that you can buy from a cryptocurrency exchange like Coinbase.

If you purchase at least $100 of bitcoin, you can get $10 free bitcoin by using this link when you fund your account. Just make sure your subtotal is $100. So your total will be around $105.


2. Bitcoin is Roaming Around the World

If you travel around the world with your mate (or besties!), you’ll realize that bitcoin is not limited to the U.S. It’s evolved into a global currency. In April 2017, Japan made Bitcoin a legal currency.

More countries are beginning to adopt this digital currency and making financial inclusion possible for all. There is no central bank controlling how bitcoin operates around the world.

3. You Can Buy and Sell Products & Services with Bitcoin

You don’t have to use your dollars or cards to make purchases all the time. Bitcoin is another source of payment. There are hundreds of retailers accepting bitcoin such as Intuit, Microsoft, Subway, and Victoria’s Secret.

Just beware of the capital gains and sales tax associated with bitcoin.

4. Big Four Accounting Firm Accepts Bitcoin

Say what? Yep! So you do realize that Bitcoin is not just an investment, but it is also a medium of exchange that even the largest accounting and advisory firms on the planet are adopting, right?

The Hong Kong office of PwC announced that the firm will accept Bitcoin as payment for its professional services.

If a reputable firm like PwC is embracing new technologies, why wouldn’t you at least spend at least 60 seconds a day learning about it?

5. Bitcoin is Hot, But Blockchain is the Real Winner

Without blockchain, there would be no bitcoin. Blockchain is the technology that made bitcoin possible.

Blockchain is a global network of computer that verifies and stores transactions. Think of the blockchain as a sophisticated accounting ledger. No one owns the blockchain but everyone can see the transactions that take place. This enables a greater level of transparency in the financial services industry.

What’s Next?

Friends don’t let friends miss out on big opportunities. If you like what you read, share this post with your bestie. You can also share this Coinbase link and earn $10 free bitcoin when you fund your account with at least $100 ($105 total) bitcoin.


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