10 Habits of a Modern-Day Career Goddess

Some women sit around waiting for others to give them a golden ticket to success. Other women grab their black leather suitcase, put on their power heels, and create opportunities that align with the essence of who they are.

When you see this woman, she’ll radiate with so much confidence that you’ll automatically know that she is a modern-day career goddess. The most strikingly surprising part is that her confidence isn’t layered with an ounce of cockiness; it comes from having clarity about who she is and having the courage to create the life that she wants.

She’s mastered the career game, because she’s proven that she doesn’t have to compete with anyone to climb the career ladder. She’s distinguished herself in a way that makes her incomparable to any other woman in the room. She’s in her own lane. Her lane is so appealing that other women secretly wish they could be her.

Now, if you think you are a modern-day career goddess or have come face-to-face with one, here are three frequent habits that will confirm your thoughts.

1. She Sets Goals and Achieves Them.

Many people talk about their dreams, but a career goddess takes the extra step to live her dreams. You may find her waking up at 5 AM to prepare for a 5K run or scheduling lunch meetings with accomplished leaders who can help her move to the next level in her career. Her unwavering commitment and daily focus make it impossible for her to fail. She doesn’t have time to engage in conversation about what she wishes she would have done, because her calendar is filled with activities that are getting her one step closer to every goal on her list.

2. She Focuses on the Possibilities Instead of the Problems.

Life happens. Sometimes you make a mistake on a project that your boss scolds you for, and sometimes you miss a meeting that has been scheduled on your calendar for months. Don’t beat yourself up. Life will go on if you focus on the possibilities that exist in front of you. A career goddess will not spend more than 90 seconds soaking in her frustrations. She finds a way to get back up on her feet as quickly as possible. She sees her problems as untapped possibilities that will allow her to grow in new ways.

3. She Uplifts Other Women.

Jealousy is definitely out of style. A career goddess knows that she doesn’t have to tear other women down in order to build herself up. Her empowering words instantly raise her brand to new levels of leadership. You’ll find her complimenting another woman on their new hair style, giving all-star recommendations on LinkedIn to women who have delivered exceptional speeches or taking the time to mentor another woman in the workplace. A career goddess understands that her success is quantifiable by the number of women that she lifts up, so she frequently invests time and energy into building other women up as she climbs the career ladder.

4. She Doesn’t Let Fear Keep Her from Exploring New Adventures.

Fear can creep up on anyone. What’s important is that you never let fear stop you from living the life that you want to live. A career goddess recognizes her fears but realizes that her faith is far more powerful. She trusts the process. Every day, she finds way to strengthen her faith so that she doesn’t get knocked down when fear tries to stunt her growth. A career goddess chooses faith over fear as she boldly walks in the direction of new adventures.

5. She Makes Time for the Things She Loves.

People make time for the things that they want to make time for. It’s called prioritizing. A career goddess understands the importance of prioritizing her happiness so that she can have more energy to share with others. She sets aside time each day to do something she loves. Whether it’s taking a Zumba dance class or patronizing a new restaurant with friends, she doesn’t neglect the things that brighten her smile every day.

6. She Doesn’t Let Stress Control Her.

When your responsibilities start piling up, it’s easy to want to start pulling your hair and yelling at the next person who asks you a question. But that’s not the most effective way of handling stress. You need to be able to manage your emotions if you want to maximize your time. A career goddess has a deep understanding of what triggers stress in her life and does what she can to minimize the occurrence of those situations. She focuses on activities that allow her to quiet her mind. Meditation and yoga are just a few activities that she may rely on to keep her stress levels low and her productivity levels high.

7. She Updates Her Resume When She Isn’t Looking for a Job.

A career goddess is always prepared to take advantage of a new opportunity. During her quarterly reflection, she updates her resume to ensure it captures all of her most recent accomplishments and is a reflection of the opportunities she seeks to take advantage of. She understands the value of feedback and makes sure that she has others review her resume. A career goddess takes pride in her physical appearance but also makes sure that her resume equally measures up to the professional image she’s created online and in-person.

8. She Remains Active on LinkedIn to Build Her Professional Net Worth.

When someone Googles your name, what will they find? If you have a LinkedIn account, chances are your profile appears in the top 3 search results for your name. That means you’ll attract a lot of eyeballs to your profile, so you want to make sure it is irresistible. A career goddess doesn’t navigate LinkedIn without a memorable headline, professional photo, and customized URL. She also makes sure she has at least 500 connections to increase the number of people who have access to her message. A career goddess remains active on LinkedIn by posting conversation-worthy updates, commenting on other published articles, and sharing accomplishments with others in her network.[[I think you would do well to have a nice little closing paragraph here.

9. She Expresses Her Appreciation to Those Around Her.

The more you are thankful for what you have, the more great things come your way. A career goddess never fails to show appreciation for the people and opportunities that have helped her to get where she is on her journey. She never stops saying “Thank You” and sharing words of gratitude.

10. She Spends Time with the People She Loves.

As much as she loves her career and sharing her message with the world, she doesn’t allow her professional ambitions to take over her world. A career goddess understands the importance of the people in her life. She dedicates quality time to enjoying the moments with the people who add meaning to every accomplishment she adds to her resume.

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